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Often works with

  • Board - strategic decisions, setting the course, developing the story

  • Mid-level Mngmnt - how to implement it in our werk, abteilung, division, country, ...?

  • IT - Partner to business; drives innovation, agile way of working meets not so agile organization

  • HR / PD / OD - Partner, Leadership, OD

  • Communications - How to communicate Strategy? How to engage employees? How to keep them informed and engaged? How to roll out information? ...

Looks for clients that



1) Expertise
Expertise (auch als + Menü)

  • Visioning

  • Strategy

  • Transformation

  • Culture

  • Agile

  • Leadership

2) Skills

Dialogic OD

Strategy Consulting


Storytelling (Story + Telling)


2) Experience

 showing Industry expertise + according clients --> als Menü mit (+)

  • Pharma - R&D, Legislation, Patient Centricity, Clinical Trials, Digital Twins, Upstream, Downstream, Speed to Market, Role of Innovation, Big strategic investments,  ...

  • Finance - ESG? ESG! Bitcoins, Ledger Technology, Fin Tech, ...

  • Production

  • Logistics

  • Energy

  • Oil & Gas

  • Telecommunication

  • Aviation

  • Automotive - from car producer to mobility provider

  • StartUps - Investment, Scale Up, Opportunity Driven, Evolution of Organization - from Creative garage to structured org. with all ups and downs

  • Political - how to enable fruitful dialogue between left and rigjht? progressive and traditional? in the midst of fake news, algorithms, sdgs, social trends, green deal, ...

  • Civil Society - watchdogs, lobbyists, fighting nepotism and corruption, political will, geo-strategic moves and partnerships, war & peace ...

Pharma & Health: Roche, boehringer, takeda, galapagos, novartis, … prorare, premiqa med, kabeg/ Klinik salzburg,  100e Unternehmen incl. Hospitals
Finance / Banking: DZ Bank, Sparkasse, Kantonalbank, Spängler, World Bank, Carmignac
Consulting McKinsey, Roland Berger, Deloitte, BCG, KPMG, Senacor, Grove Consultants, OSB, Trainconsulting,

IT: HP, Kyocera, Oracle, Cisco, Salesforce,
Media Economist, Group M, Korean Group, Dubai Tourism
Energy Borealis (?) Gas, Nuclear, Austrian Powergrid, ...
Chemicals Borealis, Nu Farm, ...
Mobility/Transportation Emirates, MAN, Daimler, VIE Airport,

Packaging & Logistics: FedEx, TGW, Aptar, LKW Walter
Production: Uzin Utz, Uhlmann Group, Semperit, Endress & Hauser, Daikin
Retail: MTH Group, Rewe group, willhaben
Academia: St. Gallen, ETH, WU Wien, JKU, IBK, SFU, PH

Politics & Civil Services: Bundesministerium, Europ Commission, Energy Commission, OECD, UN, UNDP, UNICEF, … / Stadt Wien, Klagenfurt, Lienz/ WKO, AK, AUVA, ÖGK, AMS, BUZ, Sport Austria, ÖBF, Buchhaltungsagentur d. Bundes, waff
NGOs (civil society): Medicins Sans Frontier, Amnesty, SOS, Unicef, WWF, GIZ, 4Paws, Jugend eine Welt, Österreich Tafel,

StartUps, Social Entrepreneurship & Impact Investing: Intelak Incubator, Yunus Social Business, Impact HUB, World Summit Award, Social Impact Award, Red Bull Amaphiko, ERSTE Foundation, Röchling Foundation, WU Entrepreneurship, SEF
World Class Events St.Gallen, Alpbach, Korea, WEF, Global Summit, Europaforum Wachau, TEDx (Donauinsel, Odense,), TRA, 4 Gamechangers, ...

3) Selbstverständnis / Beratungsverständnis


--> Download CV


  • Sports

  • Art

  • Mythology

  • Philosophy

  • Personal & Spiritual Growth


My Story

How does one end up doing this?

Looking back the red thread

Looking forward, I always followed my "bliss" (as Joseph Campbell would have called it). Others would call it "signs" or the "calls/invitations of destiny".

I am a child of Western Civilization. Deeply rooted in Christian Faith and Ethic. Enjoyed a Humanistic Education.

On top of that Business Education.

The first time I follwed my intuition and "bliss", I went into the World of Social Pedagogics. Bring joy and hope to disenfranchised children and youth. After 7 years the system has grinded me to pieces. I knew I had to get out.

Searching for a new identity and path, I found the field of Teambuilding to be most promising. I learned all the skills and tools of the trade. Mostly I learned to do with adults what I´ve been doing with children and youth all my young adult life.

It soon turned out I got a talent. It also turned out there is so much more to learn. That was in 2010.

I wanted to become a Team-Coach (Supervisor). The idea was: staying in the field of social work. But guiding teams instead of children. In Austria, one needs a University Degree to do that. So, I started to study Sup, Coach & OE.

In parallel, I levelled up my game in the areas of Teambuilding, Teamcoaching, Humanistic Psychology, Leadership & Communication Trainings.

I earned my money as Trainer, Teambuilding-Traingings, Communication Trainings, Essentials for young leaders, Train the Trainer, ... it turned out, I am quite good at delivering useful & fun trainings too.

It also turned out that I needed more of an intellectual challange. And that the field that really interests me is Organization Development.

Most of them young people with big dreams and good ideas. Barely any idea about how a business works. I started to learn all about Entrepreneurship. In order to be able to teach it. 3 years of managing, coaching and teaching StartUps activated my sense of business.

Reconciled the worlds of DOING GOOD and DOING WELL. Until then, I believed that you can either have one OR the other. Today I see that very differently. And I know that businesses more often than not a are a force of good in the world.

Altought there is even more unused potential still to be unleashed.

As a starter: Businesses create jobs. Create wealth. live a life of dignity and purpose. offer social connection. Offer purpose and perspectives in life. They solve problems and create value (otherwise they cease to exist).

They are the top priority in state because wealth and health is. Egoistic society.

As I got more and more sophisticated in strategic consulting, theories of change, business models, storytelling, pitching ideas, ... destiny had something else in store for me. Through a strange mixture of coincidence and courage to seize an opportunity (kairos), I ended up in Estonia. In a place called "Taevaskoja" = where heaven and earth meet.

with my current understanding of Mythology and religious thought, I am aware off symbolic meaning.

The place where Body and Spirit join. The eternal moment. the axis mundi. the creative place. the place where you go to receive a new vision or command (ascend the mountain and then descend the mountain to execute).

All the pieces fell together.

for the first time, I met a friend from far: David Sibbet. Wrot books about Facilitation, Consulting, seemed to be one of the railblazers in that field-

Thanks to David´s work, I concepualized myself as a Graphic Recorder, a Visual Facilitator, a Visual Consultant.

Through a mutual friend, Joachim. Workshop in Austria

Many more collaborations followed.

Eventually, he and his wife Gisela became good friends. They officiated our wedding.

Like David in his early days, I found that Consultants are a target group that need what I have to offer.

So I started to move in that direction.

After about 100 strategic workshops I knew exactly how to work strategically. Especially given the background I already brought to the game.

between 2015 and 2024 more than 500 workshops 100 conferences, 30 larger change projects, .... in 20+ countries followed

Today I am known as THE Graphic Recorder in the DACH Region when it comes to strategic ...

My clients see me as an illustrator with deep strategic knowledge

Or as a consultant who can draw a hell of a picture.

Social and Ecological Impact (Doing

Business kicked back in.

My first choice was to go into Social Work.


Das gelingt ihm durch:

  1. Prozess-Expertise

  2. Storytelling-Tools

  3. Visualisierungs-Skills

  4. Beherrschung weiterer nützlicher Techniken und Methoden

  5. Reichhaltige, einschlägige Erfahrung


Buchen Sie Ihn für:


  1. Prozess-Expertise Was muss wann passieren? Wer muss auf welche Art beteiligt werden, damit´s klappt?)

  2. Seine Fähigkeit bildhaft zu denken, zu arbeiten und zu kommunizieren.

  3. Die Beherrschung innovativer und zielführender Methoden

  4. Mehr als 10 Jahre Erfahrung in der Arbeit mit Top-Management verschiedenster Branchen

  5. Die generative Verbindung vermeintlicher Gegensätzen. Zeitgeist und zeitlose Weisheit. Profitables Arbeiten und positive Wirkung.

mit Cutting-Edge  und

Graphic Recording, Visual Facilitation, Werkzeuge der Organisationsberatung, Systemisches Coaching, Tiefenpsychologische Ansätze,

Wesentliche Inhalte in Form von Bilder und Geschichten kommunizieren

Graphic Recording - graphische Dokumentation

Visual Facilitation - visuell unterstützte Moderation

Durch Visionsbilder, Zielbilder, Strategiebilder, Leitbilder und Kulturbilder

Spezialisiert auf Vision, Leitbilder, Strategie, Organisationskultur, Change-Prozesse und Führungsthemen.

ME ihren Change zum Erfolg zu machen.


Vision, Strategie & Change zu kommunizieren.

Meetings & Events unvergesslich machen.


Graphic Recording







Art & business, Art IN Business, Business is ART




Express the unspeakable

doesn´t just capture. it makes visible.

What? Underlying realities.

Make visible

Pictures and STories that move people

what does it take?

Why do they move us?

How will I support you? --> Services

Geschichte --> My Story

Many threads come together...

1: absorbed myself in fairy tales; never lost contact. Nowadays interpret in on a different level.

2: Another thing that I never stopped doing is to draw.

I draw to think, to understand, to document, to remember, to communicate, to explain and to sell

3: was raised a catholic boy. went to catholic school, immersed with christian tradition and ritual. For many years rebelled, since secular world view of society that trusts science and aims for material growth was incompatible with "superstitious" stories from bible. Nowadays I appreciate those as a different kind of truth. Wisdom that stood the test of time. That is truer than true. One must only know how to interpret it. But approach texts like these as if they oculd teach you something. Because they actually can. And they did throughout the millenia.

Mythological symbols and motives that speak to human beings on the deepest levels possible.

The arc, Jacob´s ladder, the beast from the depths, the sacred mountain, the tree of life, the land of the golden apples,

A boat sailing towards the horizon, a city threatened by a dragon, the savior from the edge of the world, the walled garden, the overly protective mother, the maiden, the call to adventure, tests & trials, the forrest that needs to be entered at the darkest place, ...

  • adventure

  • friendship

  • courage

  • heroic deeds

  • destiny

  • fulfilling the human potential

  • overcoming fear

  • dealing with loss and tragedy

  • cheating death

  • making a deal with the devil

  • how to behave as a truly benevolent king

4) business & marketing

5) 20 years Facilitation

It all came together at Taevaskoja - the place where heaven and earth meet (look it up!)

Spars with Leaders

Timeless wisdom and timely challenges



Deeply Human


the heavenly Jerusalem

the belly of the whale,

Perseus, Herakles, Platon, Jesus

The power of Zeus, the wisdom of Siddharta and the courageous love of Jesus for your change project

Courage of Arthur

Courtesy of Arthur

Mythological motives dance with business insights

Data becomes story




The same questions that echo through the millenia.

  • Who am I?

  • What am I supposed to do?

  • How to relate to society?

  • What should I want and aim/strive for?

Let´s find answers!

Track Record --> Case Studies


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