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Markus Engelberger

Bilder & Meetings, die Menschen bewegen

Markus Engelberger ist ein international gefragter Graphic Recorder, Strategischer Illustrator und Meeting-Moderator aus Wien/Österreich. Er arbeitet in den Sprachen Englisch und Deutsch.

The English version of the website is currently under construction. If you are interested in Visuals depicting and explaining your strategy, Key Message Cards of your conference, or conceptualization and visually aided moderation of strategic processes, meetings and workshops, reach out to

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Moderationserfahrung trifft Storytelling-Expertise und sympathischen Illustrationsstil. Markus Engelberger hilft Ihnen, Menschen zu erreichen und zu bewegen. Auf Ihrer Veranstaltung, in Ihrem Meeting, in Ihrer Organisation. 

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Graphic Recording

Visuelle Veranstaltungsdokumentation, die Teilnehmer zu Botschaftern macht

Strategische Illustration

Überzeugende Bilder für Workshop-Moderation und Unternehmenskommunikation

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Meeting Moderation

Lebendige Veranstaltungen und produktive Meetings. Im Live-Stream und im Life-Stream

Trainings & Workshops

Moderation, Visualisierung und Führung erlernen

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"How the Pandemic changes Europe"

Below find some very interesting perspectives and insights from one of Europe´s brightest minds and leading thinkers in the subject matter: Ivan Krastev

On March 2nd 2021, Markus Engelberger documented Ivan Krastev´s Keynote at the NGO Academy as well as the Q&A Session moderated by Dr. Michael Meyer.


Explore the bigger picture, find inspiration by clicking the carousell and download the PDF (download link after the carousell!).

It is free of charge as Markus Engelberger is convinced everybody interested in politics (and thus their personal lives as well as the future of our shared society and culture) should be able to access Mr. Krastev ideas!

Click on the images to spin the caroussel!

Graphic Recording Covid Pandemic Keynote
Graphic Recording Covid Pandemic Transit
Graphic Recording Covid Pandemic System
Graphic Recording Covid Pandemic Globali
Graphic Recording Covid Pandemic The Hum
Graphic Recording Covid Pandemic Vulnera
Graphic Recording Covid Pandemic Autorit
Graphic Recording Covid Pandemic pain in
Graphic Recording Covid Pandemic why Chi
Graphic Recording Covid Pandemic What´s
Graphic Recording Covid Pandemic Strateg
Graphic Recording Covid Pandemic Democra
Graphic Recording Covid Pandemic Capital
Graphic Recording Covid Pandemic Act Now

Click the button below to DOWNLOAD the Digital Graphic Recording
as a (very) high resoluting PDF file.

This is the best summary of a talk that I have seen.

Ivan Krastev


Centre for Liberal Strategies, Sofia

Ivan Krastev Graphic Recording Österreic

Key Message Cards sind die wohl teilbarste Form von Graphic Recording. Anstatt großflächiger Bildlandschaften erhalten Sie Kernbotschaften zum Mitnehmen und Teilen.

Key Message Cards sind Storytelling-Werkzeuge, die Konferenzteilnehmer zu Botschaftern Ihres Themas zu machen.

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